Sunday, January 11, 2009

Disney Half Marathon

Time: 1:36:25
Overall: 224 out of 12434

My plan was to keep my pace around 7:30 ( 1:38:15) but most of all I didn’t want to push too hard since I have a marathon next week. It was dark until mile 8 so I could only go by the clocks at the mile markers to determine my pace. For the first 7 miles I was running between 7 and 7:15 (one mile might have been a little under 7). From mile 7-12 I stayed on my 7:30 pace (almost to the second). When I realized that I had a chance to break 1:37 I ran a little harder at the end but still didn’t go all out.

This is a good indication on how far I have come in the last 11 months (since my last half). I ran a relaxed pace and still beat my PR by almost 1 minute. If the weather is like this for the Gasparilla half I think I have a good shot at keeping a 7 minute pace.

Overall the race was great. The start temp was 50 with calm winds. The 5:50 am start wasn’t too bad although they could have probably kept it at 6am for the half. I’m glad I decided to run the race and it shouldn’t have a negative effect on next week (although I will have to wait until Sunday to really know). Even if I’m still feeling the effects next week it was a good decision. I love running at Disney and will most likely run the half or full every year.

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