Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekly Summary 11/7/2010

I’ve neglected my updates over that last month or since my Chicago debacle. Over the past few weeks I’ve focused more on my speed then trying to run as many miles as possible. I wanted to get in more long runs but have only managed 2 since Chicago. I did top 15 miles on Sunday though and felt pretty good after the run.

Overall my body has held up pretty good. Outside of a few aches and pains (left heel and right knee) my legs feel fresh and ready to run.

I have topped 50 miles over each of the last 3 weeks. I may hit 50 again this week but my target is closer to the low 40’s. I would like to get in 2 medium runs, 1 long run and short and easy the rest of the week.

As of right now I feel like I’m ready for a good race in Philly if the weather holds out that is. The lows have been in the 30’s so hopefully it stays that way. Either way I’m looking forward to my last marathon of the year.

2 weeks until Philadelphia

Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekly Summary 9/26/2010

I had a pretty good taper week last week. I got in some solid medium runs and ran a good 15k on Saturday (considering the very humid conditions).

My goal this week is to keep the mileage in the 40-50 range with maybe a couple of mediums and nothing over 8. I just need to keep the fitness up without wearing myself out too much. Getting very excited about Chicago now. Its way to early to predict the weather but the temps are starting to get cooler.

2 weeks until Chicago

Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekly Summary 9/19/2010

Overall it was a pretty good training week in that I kept the mileage down (54 miles) and managed to get in a couple of medium runs. The body feels good outside of some soreness in the left heel and right upper leg but nothing that is affecting my running.

This week’s plan is to run Mon-Wed with 2-3 medium runs as I get ready for Saturdays 15k. I’ll take Thus-Fri off to give myself a little recovery time. Sundays run will be based on how I feel.
It’s been too long since my last race. I can’t wait until Saturday and I’m starting to get really excited about Chicago.

3 weeks until Chicago

Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekly Summary 9/12/2010

In my last big week before Chicago, I managed to top 70 miles. That 3 out of 4 weeks now. I think the fatigue is starting to get the best of me now. I have been experiencing a strange occurrence with my right leg during some runs over the last 2 weeks. I get these brief moments where everything mid calf and below seems to lose all strength. I almost expect the leg to give out as it strikes the ground but that hasn’t happened. With four weeks to go I am ready to start tapering.

Other than the fatigue, everything else seems to be fine. My left heel is a little tender which is similar to what I experienced last year but my knees and hamstrings seem to be holding up pretty well.

I registered for the 15k in Orlando on 9/25. I don’t expect to run for a PR but it should be a good training run if nothing else and I’m really antsy to race again.

My plan this week is to keep the mileage under 60 (low 50s would be ideal) a couple of easy days (3-4) with a 1-2 long runs and 1 medium.

4 weeks until Chicago

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weekly Summary 8/29/2010

3 straight 70+ weeks and I’m on pace for my first 300+ month.

Overall I’m holding up ok but definitely feel like I’m starting to breakdown. No major aches or pains but more of a nagging fatigue. After I put in the miles to pass 300 I’ll probably back off a little this week and give my body a chance to rest (although I’m really not sure what backing off is at this point).

I’m still fighting the battle of the runs. Some days are ok but others I have trouble making it 3-4 miles without stopping. Imodium helps for a day or two but after that I back to having trouble again. I’m just hoping it’s my body trying to deal with the higher mileage and eventually it will go away. If not then it will be an interesting marathon next month.

This week’s plan is to get in the miles on mon-tues to top 300 and then keep the rest of my runs at 1 hour.
At this point I’m still planning on running the Orlando 15k on 9/25.

6 weeks until Chicago

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekly summary 8/22/2010

That’s 2 straight 70+ mile weeks. So much for an easier week.

I still tend to feel a little sluggish for the first 2 miles of a run but after that I only seem to get stronger. I’ve hit a crossroads on how I want to approach the rest of my training. I can try to get in as many 10-12 mile runs a week or run 7-8 everyday with a 15-20 once a week. Yesterday (Sunday) I felt that I could have passed 15 pretty easy but wasn’t sure if it would be worth it if I had to go light for 2-3 days just to recover. I don’t think I have to make that decision now or even or even have to pick one way over the other.

Overall my body feels great. I’m still battling the “runs” but it’s not as bad as it was a few weeks ago. My right ankle also gets weak (unstable) later in the long runs. I may need to work making it stronger but I haven’t found a whole lot on line.

For this week my plan is to get in at least 4 long runs and see if I can top 11 for 3 of them. If I do that I should be around 70 for the week again. That will put me around 290 for the month which would easily top my current month high of 272.

7 weeks until Chicago

Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekly summary 8/15/2010

It's so nice to be running injury free. With all of the problems I had in the first 6 months it makes me really appreciate where I am now.

I accomplished all of my goals last week. My miles ended up in the mid 70s for my 3rd highest weekly total and I had 3 long runs including a 13+ on Saturday.

I’m due for an easy day so Monday is as good as any. As for the rest of the week, I would like to get in another 3 long runs and get the mileage in the mid 60s.

8 weeks until Chicago