Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weekly Summary 8/29/2010

3 straight 70+ weeks and I’m on pace for my first 300+ month.

Overall I’m holding up ok but definitely feel like I’m starting to breakdown. No major aches or pains but more of a nagging fatigue. After I put in the miles to pass 300 I’ll probably back off a little this week and give my body a chance to rest (although I’m really not sure what backing off is at this point).

I’m still fighting the battle of the runs. Some days are ok but others I have trouble making it 3-4 miles without stopping. Imodium helps for a day or two but after that I back to having trouble again. I’m just hoping it’s my body trying to deal with the higher mileage and eventually it will go away. If not then it will be an interesting marathon next month.

This week’s plan is to get in the miles on mon-tues to top 300 and then keep the rest of my runs at 1 hour.
At this point I’m still planning on running the Orlando 15k on 9/25.

6 weeks until Chicago

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