Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekly Summary 9/12/2010

In my last big week before Chicago, I managed to top 70 miles. That 3 out of 4 weeks now. I think the fatigue is starting to get the best of me now. I have been experiencing a strange occurrence with my right leg during some runs over the last 2 weeks. I get these brief moments where everything mid calf and below seems to lose all strength. I almost expect the leg to give out as it strikes the ground but that hasn’t happened. With four weeks to go I am ready to start tapering.

Other than the fatigue, everything else seems to be fine. My left heel is a little tender which is similar to what I experienced last year but my knees and hamstrings seem to be holding up pretty well.

I registered for the 15k in Orlando on 9/25. I don’t expect to run for a PR but it should be a good training run if nothing else and I’m really antsy to race again.

My plan this week is to keep the mileage under 60 (low 50s would be ideal) a couple of easy days (3-4) with a 1-2 long runs and 1 medium.

4 weeks until Chicago

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