Monday, January 19, 2009

RocknRoll AZ Marathon

Time: 3:49:27
Overall: 1392 out of 6411

I think that my race at Disney last week made me a little over confident in Phoenix. I started the race feeling that 3:30 was a given and went out way too hard for the conditions. The temp was great in the morning (50) but an hour into the race it was heating up fast. If I had set out at a 3:40 pace I might have been ok but at a sub 3:30 pace I was starting to hurt by mile 14 and shortly after that I decided to pull back and just finish. That turned out to be harder than expected as by mile 20 I had nothing left and ended up walk/run the rest of the way. Unless temps are in the 40’s (or below) for the entire race I should just plan on 3:40 every time because more than anything else I hate having to walk in a race.

Overall I really enjoyed the experience. I was great having Mom, Kathy, Joellen, Rachel & Stephanie at the finish. The race was well organized and I’m really looking forward to their (Elite's) San Diego race in May.

My plan for Boston should be to run at a 3:40-45 pace (depending on the weather). The last thing I want to do is have to walk any of the Boston Marathon.

Side note: If I plan on running with my Garmin then I should leave it charging all night. This is the second marathon since I bought it that I have done something stupid and not been able to use it.

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