Sunday, March 15, 2009

Brandon 5k

Time: 20:19
Overall : 7 out of 248
Age Group: 1st Place

Overall it was a pretty disappointing first 5k of the year. I really thought I had got myself under that 20 minute barrier and was ready to take a shot at 19 minutes. Not today.

Starting out I knew that the race was going to have a stronger field than last year. My hope was that there would be people running around me this year. At the start the first 4 immediately separated themselves from the group. I was just behind with a couple of other guys. I reached the mile 1 marker at 6:10 which was where I wanted to be but that took more out of me than I expected. At that point the 2 guys that were right in front of me starting pulling away and I was running by myself. My second split was a very disappointing 6:48. By that time I was a good 30+ seconds behind the guy in front and about 20-30 seconds ahead of the guy right behind me. I tried to pick it up a little but I didn’t have much left. I hit the 3 mile mark with a 6:30 split.

I’m not sure if I could have done anything different the week before. Maybe if I would have taken Friday off that might have helped a little. I don’t want to change things too much so I plan to train the same this week as last week. My plan for Saturdays 5k is to go out a little slower 6:15-20 and see if I can hold that for the race. That will at least put me in a position to PR.

that's me in the red shirt


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