Friday, February 1, 2008

Opening comments

If I'm going to have a blog I feel the need to express why it's needed. Below is a random list:
· source of motivation
· organize my current documentation
· document my thoughts to view at a later date
· provide an outlet to share my experience or lessons learned

My very first race was a 10k in 1981. I have been running and racing off and on ever since. I really have no idea how many races I've participated in but between running and triathlons it would have to be more than 100. After about a 5 year layoff I started running again in mid 2005 with the 2006 Disney World 1/2 marathon being my first race back. I realized how much I missed running and racing and vowed never to stop running again.

I ran the 2007 Disney World marathon. Anyone there knows that it was a hot and muggy day. It was a very bad race for me as I was forced to walk most of the last 5-6 miles. It was shortly after that when I made the decision train harder and see how good I could get. Nearly every race since has resulted in a PR.

I feel I have a good 5 years left where I can expect to improve on my PR's. So, I'm looking forward to see what I can achieve over that time.

My top goal right now is to qualify for the Boston Marathon. To qualify for my age group I need a time of 3:30 (actually 3:30:59). I fell a short at this years Disney Marathon finishing in 3:39:10. My next chance is in October at Chicago. If the weather cooperates I really feel I have a great chance.

Anyway, my intension for this blog is to document my training, my races and my general thoughts about running and racing. Thanks for reading and I look forward to any comments.

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