Sunday, March 16, 2008

Brandon Shamrock Classic 5k

The weather was 75 and humid and a little windy but that didn't stop me from crushing my PR and finishing 2nd overall. I was in 2nd from the start. After the first 1/4 mile the lead runner started to pull away. I didn't look behind me until the half way point and I had a good 30-45 second lead on a pack of 3-4 runners behind me.

My first 2 splits were both 6:15 my 3rd was 6:05 which leads me to believe that the course was a little short. I thought my 3rd mile was more like 6:45.

The race winner finished in 18:18. I didn't see the time of the 3rd place runner but he looked to be about 1 minute behind.

This was my third race in four weeks. My next scheduled race is in four weeks.

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