Saturday, June 7, 2008

Spring into Summer 5k

Time: 19:53
Overall: 21 out of 297
Age Group: 1 out of 9
race results

Another hot and humid Spring into Summer race. I’m not sure what the temp was this morning but it was very muggy. I learned my lesson from previous races and drank lots of water before the start. I also let up a little on my training runs this week which helped a lot also.

This is a well run race on a great course. I love running in Al Lopez Park and it was nice to run a race with a strong field. They didn’t have a clock at the finish line but did a really good job of reading the clock time as runners were approaching the finish line.

My goal this year (5k season) was to break 20 minutes. I have now done that is 3 of my last 4 races. Too bad this will be my last for a while but now it’s time to focus on of number one goal of qualifying for Boston.

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