Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekly summary 3/8/09

Week total 65.8
Monday 6.06
Tuesday 8.63
Wednesday 7.7
Thursday 10.27
Friday 8.65
Saturday 9.45, 3.61
Sunday 8.34, 3.05

Because I ran a half marathon on Sunday, my only plan this week was to run every day. I didn’t want to push it but if I felt good that day then I would run more. Overall I held up pretty good. My heel wasn’t bothering me too much until the end of the week. It was fine on my morning runs but was a little sore on my afternoon runs.

I’ve finally got my weight back under 170 lbs. In the morning I’m between 168-170 and after runs I’ve been as low as 166. I have to be careful about not losing too much too fast though. I’ve been really tired lately which I think has to do more with not getting enough sleep than anything else. But running more miles and not eating anymore may also have something to do with it. I need to make an effort to get 8 hours a night but that means being in bed by 9pm which isn't always easy.

My plan next week is to get ready for Sundays 5k. I’ll take Saturday off and probably won’t be able to run on Monday because I have to work late. Tues-Thurs I would like to get some sprints in and just an easy run on Friday. Even if I can get a run in after the race it will be hard to get much more than 40 miles.

6 weeks until Boston

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