Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekly Summary 1/17/2010

Weekly total: 28.0
Tuesday: 4.04
Wednesday: 4.64
Thursday: 6.53
Saturday: 5.5
Sunday: 7.31
Average pace: 9:04

I never pushed the pace too hard at WPB which allowed me to follow that up with a pretty normal training week. It takes a little longer to recover after running a hard marathon. My knee was too sore to walk let alone run on Monday. Tuesday it improved enough for me to bike and walk a little. By Wednesday I was ready to start some easy runs. By Sunday I felt pretty good (still nowhere near normal) but 1 hour was long enough.

I decided not to run the Miami Half marathon at the end of the month so I have plenty of time to slowly get back into my routine without pushing it too much. My next race now isn’t until the end of February.

My only goal this week is to run every day. I would like to get in 1 hour runs but I’ll cut the run short if I feel that I’m pushing it too much. Hopefully by next week I’ll be able to get back into a normal training routine.