Monday, January 4, 2010

Weekly Summary 1/3/2010

Weekly total: 44.9
Monday: 7.08
Tuesday: 8.32
Wednesday: 8.2
Thursday: 7.04
Saturday: 9.12
Sunday: 5.17
Average pace: 7:49

Last week of training before the Disney Marathon. My right knee was starting to bother me a little more so I decided to take Friday off. After staying up after 2am I didn’t feel much like running anyway. Saturday’s early morning run in the cold felt great but it left my right hamstring really tight. It never loosened up on Sunday so I decided to cut that run short.

It does seem like my list of minor injuries seems to be building but nothing is really that bad and I should be fine with a couple of days rest.

My plan this week is to get in easy 1 hour runs on Monday & Tuesday and a short run on Thursday. Resting on Wed, Fri-Sat should give me enough time to recover and be rested for Sunday.

The forecast for Sunday’s lows range from 33-41 so I don’t think I’ll have to worry about it being too warm.

1 week until Disney

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