Sunday, April 13, 2008

Harvey's 5k St Petersburg

Time: 20:21
Overall: 14 out of 292
Age Group: 3 out of 24

I was a little disappointed in my time for this race. I have increased my training the last few weeks and I think it is starting to catch up to me a little. My legs were so tired when I was warming up that I had no idea how I would do. By the time 8:30 came around it was getting warm and a little humid. There was a light breeze which helped a little though.

The course was great. The start was by Straub Park and stayed pretty close to the water the whole time. If they could eliminate the run through a parking lot early in the race, I would say this was the best 5k course I have run.

My only criticism is their choice of age group awards. A coffee mug? It was a mug with the same picture that was on the shirt. I feel sorry for the runner that was receiving their first age group award and they only get a coffee mug. If you are going to have age group awards then give an award.

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