Thursday, May 1, 2008

Achilles tendon injury

Outside of tight hamstrings I have been running injury free for the last 3 years. I think my luck has finally run out. My achilles tendons have been tight in the morning for the last month but a simple stretch and they were fine the rest of the day. Toward the end of last week, my right tendon was feeling tender during and after runs. My 16 mile run on Sunday really did it in though. I tried to run through it on Tuesday but there was a lot of pain so I cut the run short and walked for a while. I’m a little concerned that if I push it then it will turn into something big.

This week was going to be a low mileage week anyway so I’m just going to play it safe and stick to walking of the stationary bike until early next week. Based on an article in Running Times I think my injury is in the paratenon which is a sheath around the tendon and not the tendon itself. Their suggestion was to stretch, ice down and rest it for a little while.
I hate not being able to run for a week but that sounds a lot better than not being able to run for a few months.

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