Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekly summary 4/19/2009

Weekly total 17.3
Tuesday 7.78
Wednesday 6.42
Friday 3.11
Average pace 7.42

I decided to take it easy this week. I had a few aches and pains that I wanted to heal and I didn’t want dead legs for Monday’s race. I did a lot of walking in Boston this weekend so it wasn’t like I was just sitting around. My heel is still bothering me a little, so I’m not sure that if I took a week off it would have been any better.

The weather forecast is clear and low 40’s at the start and upper 40’s at the finish. The only negative is that the head winds will be 10-20 mph.

My race plan right now is to go with the crowd pace for the first 2-3 miles. After the elevation levels out they try to settle into a 8:00 pace. I don’t want to push it so if I’m having trouble keeping that pace then I’ll pull back a little. From past experience I think I’ll have to make sure that I’m not going out any faster than 8:00. Once I hit the hills at mile 17, I’ll just go by feel. I want a good time but my overall goal is to just enjoy the race.

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