Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekly summary 4/26/2009

Weekly total 46.4
Monday 26.2
Thursday 4.15
Saturday 7.73
Sunday 8.3
Average pace 8:00

I felt pretty sore for a few days after Monday’s marathon. I decided to take a few days off instead of trying to get back into training mode too fast. By the weekend runs I felt pretty good (well good for having run a marathon a few days before). My legs felt tired and my heel was a little sore but once I got a mile into the run I felt ok.

My plan this week is to get the miles back into the 50-60 range and keep the pace at sub 7:45. I’m running a 5k on Saturday with Ken so I’m not preparing for it like I would a race. I have 2 racing 5k’s in the next few weeks before running my next marathon at the end of May. I’ll need to balance the speed work and miles while trying to keep fresh legs for the races.

5 weeks until San Diego

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