Sunday, May 3, 2009

May Classic 5k

Time 28:04 (27:40 chip)
Overall: 397 out of 828

Officially I ran (not raced) this 5k. This was the race that Kathy was supposed to run with me but when she backed out a few weeks ago, Ken decided to run it instead. My goal was to keep Ken running the entire time. He did a great job and ran the entire 5k. He was really struggling the last mile but had enough left to sprint the last 100-150 feet. I think he had a good time (after he caught his breath). Ken is probably my last chance to get someone in this family interested in running.

It was a very different experience to jog a race. No regrets though because I really enjoyed sharing the experience with Ken. I’ll get to race a 5k each of the next 2 weekends. The second is downtown which I’m hoping to talk Ken into running (solo this time).


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