Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rock n Roll Marathon

Time 3:46:35
Overall 1568 out of 13328
AG 128/677

The good race/bad race trend continues.

The temps were in the low 60’s with a light mist early on. The sun never came out and I don’t think it ever got higher than 65. The humidity was pretty high and that’s probably what affected me the most.

My plan for the race was to just run at a pace that felt good. Most of the first 7 miles were down hill and that led to a fast first half (1:41:58) but it wasn’t that much faster than at Boston. I took it slow for the 3 miles up 163 but they were all under 8:30 pace. I felt pretty good when I got to Friars Rd but pulled back a little because I had started so fast.

By mile 15 I was starting to wear down so I slowed the pace but was still running sub 9:00. By mile 18 the small but constant hills started. I decided the best strategy was to walk up the hills to conserve energy and try to run everything else (at a slow pace). This strategy worked for a while but by mile 22 I had little left. From 22-24 I was walking 1 minute and running 2. When I made it to mile 24 I managed to run the rest of the way.

Outside of avoiding any race with temps over 50 I’m not sure what else I can do. Maybe slowing down early on would have helped a little but my time might have still been about the same anyway with the only difference being that I didn’t have to walk.
Hopefully October in Connecticut will be cooler.

Overall the race was very good. Very organized, well staffed and plenty of water stops. I’m not sure if I would run it again but would recommend it.

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