Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekly summary 8/9/2009

Weekly total 55.5
Monday 7.22
Tuesday 11.31
Thursday 10.28
Friday 7.32
Saturday 6.31, 5.84
Sunday 7.18
Average pace 8.14

A combination of moving and hurting myself several times has really put a crimp in my training over the last 2 months. This was my first solid training week since the end of May. Besides being a little worn out at the end of the week I felt pretty good. My heel which was giving me a lot of trouble hasn’t bothered me much at all so maybe taking it easy was a good thing.

I have also lost a much needed 10 lbs. I suspect that more of it was muscle than fat since I’ve backed off on the lifting but I’ve also changed my eating routine a little (1 bagel instead of 2 and a little less at dinner time). My weight right now is in the 161-164 range and after runs I’m getting down around 158. At this point I’m not trying to lose any more weight but I still lost 1-2 lbs last week. I suspect that I’ll settle into the 155-160 range. At any rate it’s amazing how ripped I am now. I wished I would have known the secret 15-20 years ago.

As of last Saturday I have 9 weeks until Hartford. I would like to keep my miles in the 50-60 range but I need to get a long one in every week. This Saturday or Sunday might be a good time for a 20 miler. I also need to fight the desire to run faster. I think this might have been the reason for my heel problems before. My plan is to keep most of my runs in the 8-8:30 range with 1 run a week around 7:30-7:40.

9 weeks until Hartford

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Marcus Grimm said...


That's a really sweet base you've got going.. very strong.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yup: if I don't hit 3:15 soon, the plan's to get older, which is something I know I can DEFINITELY do.