Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekly summary 8/16/2009

Weekly total: 53.3
Monday: 5.33
Tuesday: 10.8
Wednesday: 7.88
Thursday: 13.35
Saturday: 5.7
Sunday: 10.22
Average pace: 8:13

With all of the house(s) maintenance interruptions, I never found an opportunity to get in the extra long run that I wanted to. I did manage a 13+ which was my post San Diego longest run.

My knee was a little sore after Thursdays run so I did a ½ hour on the stationary bike on Friday instead of running. My heel is holding up fine except for days after faster paced runs. I really need to focus on an easier pace if my goal is to get the mileage up.

With half the month down I’m on pace for 220 miles this month which would be my highest since March. If I can get in a couple of 60 mile weeks I would push that total closer to 240.

My goal this week is miles and more miles. I have 8 weeks until Hartford and these next few weeks are when I need to be peaking my mileage. I would like to get in at least 3 long runs with one being 15+. I would also like to keep the pace over 8. The last thing I want is to be having heel issues again.

8 weeks until Hartford

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