Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekly summary 8/23/2009

Total: 65.9
Monday: 6.0
Tuesday: 10.7
Wednesday: 8.13
Thursday: 10.65
Friday: 5.68
Saturday: 16.28
Sunday: 8.5
Average pace: 8.12

This was my most productive week since March (pre Boston anyway). I never really felt like I was pressing it even on Saturday or Sunday. I could have made it to 20 on Saturday but I wasn’t sure that I would have benefited much from another 4 miles and I also wanted to run the next day. I spent a good 45 minutes running with fatigue on Saturday and most of my Sunday run was with some fatigue. But overall I felt surprisingly good and had very little stiffness the following morning.

My plan this week is to run another 65 miles. I will have to do it on 6 days though (can’t run on Monday). This will force me to get in at least 4 long runs. I probably have 3 more high mile weeks before I need to taper. If I decide not to run the 15k in Orlando, I might be able to get in another big week before taper time.

As long as the weather holds up I feel really confident that I can PR in Hartford.

7 weeks until Hartford

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