Monday, September 21, 2009

weekly summary 9/20/2009

Total miles 41
Tuesday 13.57
Thursday 11.23
Saturday 8.6
Sunday 7.58
Average pace 7:59

After the week started I changed my plan of trying to get in another 60 mile week. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s long runs took so much out of me that I needed to take the following day off. I felt pretty good on Saturdays run and I was able to keep a sub 7 minute pace for the run. Actually since the first mile was a warm-up the pace for the remainder was closer to 6:50. But by Sunday I had nothing left. If it wasn’t for me wanting to get to 40 miles for the week I probably would have stopped the run at 4 miles.

I feel comfortable with the training that I’ve put in the last 2 months. If the weather cooperates I think a have a real shot at a PR in Hartford. I’m running in a 15k on Saturday so I don’t want to push it too much this week. I’m looking at hour runs at 7-7:30 pace for Tuesday and Wednesday and a recovery run on Thursday. Hopefully an easy day and a day off will be enough for me to have a good race on Saturday.

3 weeks until Hartford

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