Monday, September 28, 2009

Miracle Miles 15k

Time: 1:11:09
Overall: 91 out of 1260
AG: 13 out of 90

I entered Saturday’s race with a few objectives. First was just a desire to race since I haven’t since San Diego at the end of May. Second, because it would be a good tune-up for my marathon in two weeks and third because I don’t get too many chances to run a 15k and I thought I had a good chance of setting a PR.

Well the temperature was a typical late September 80s and humid so that pretty much ended any chance at a PR. Prior to the race I did think that I could hold a 7:15-20 pace. The first 2-3 mile I was doing pretty good, pace wise. The heat was starting to get to me so I backed off a little and then a little more until I was pushing it to just hold a marathon pace (8:00). Overall this race was a real struggle. Not something that you want 2 weeks before a marathon. I know that I have a tough time in the heat but this was only a 15k.

I’ve decided that the best thing to do it to forget about this race because all it’s going to do is make me question how prepared I am for Hartford. I need to run with the 3:30 pace group and have the confidence that I can stay with them.

Forgetting about my poor performance and the heat, I really enjoyed the run. The race is organized and the course if scenic. I need to get this on my list of regular races as long as I can keep poor performances from affecting my next race.

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