Monday, September 28, 2009

weekly summary 9/27/2009

Total Miles 27.6
Tuesday 8.23
Wednesday 5.77
Saturday 9.3
Sunday 4.33
Average pace 7:46

I didn’t get in nearly as many miles as I had hoped to but I wanted to give myself an opportunity to have a good race on Saturday.

I had a really good run on Tuesday but my knees were a little sore on Wednesday so I held back on the mileage. Thursday they were still sore so I decided to take the day off. Sore probably isn’t the best description weak might be a better term. They felt good for Saturday’s race but by Sunday I had little energy so I decided to settle for an easy run.

I’m in Vegas this weekend so I would like to get a run in Monday – Friday. I don’t want to run anything longer than 1 hour and I should keep the pace on the slower side. My goal at this point is to just maintain my fitness and not hurt myself. Outside of a Monday or Tuesday run I plan to take next week off so this will be my last week of training.

I’ve already forgot about Saturdays race (trying to convince myself anyway) so I’m really excited about running a marathon again. It’s still a little too far out to predict what the weather will be like but Hartford has already had lows in the high 30’s. Right now the forecast for Wed 10/7 is partly cloudy 48-65.

2 weeks until Hartford

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