Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekly Summary 10/18/2009

Weekly total: 32.9
Tuesday: 1.06
Wednesday: 7.33
Thursday: 8.2
Saturday: 10.23
Sunday: 6.05
Average pace: 8:30

The upside to running a shitty marathon is that you can have some pretty productive training the following week.

I didn’t plan on running much last week but knees or hamstrings weren’t bothering me much by Wednesday so I decided to start running again and see what I could handle. I did take the pace a little slow but overall I felt pretty good.

Summer is finally over so there will be a lot more opportunities to run outside now. On Saturday’s run the temps were in the low 60’s with very low humidity.

My plan this week is to start building up the mileage again. I’d like to get a couple of short runs in the morning with my longer runs after work. A couple of doubles will allow me to get back up around 70 miles which is where I would like to be for the next few weeks. Palm Beach is in 7 weeks and even though that isn’t an A race I don’t have a lot of training time between that a Disney.

7 weeks until West Palm Beach

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