Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekly Summary 10/25/2009

Weekly total: 56.0
Monday 7.07
Tuesday 8.77
Thursday 5.34, 10.12
Friday 6.37
Saturday 10.2
Sunday 8.18
Average pace: 8:11

A fairly uneventful training week. I felt a little sluggish during most of the runs but no aches or pains that I can’t deal with. I was able to get in 2 morning runs outside. The weather seems to be cooperating so hopefully I can get some more outside training in. It’ll be nice when the time changes next week.

I registered for Boston yesterday so I’m all set. I have a hotel, plane ride and now a race to run in. It’s a long time until April but I’m already excited. Right now I just need to focus on training hard so I can get my 2011 BQ out of the way.

My goal this week is to run every day and get over 70 miles.

6 weeks until WPB
11 weeks until Disney (I should track this instead since this is really my A race)

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