Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekly Summary 11/1/2009

Weekly total: 82.7
Monday: 5.48, 5.49
Tuesday: 8.73
Wednesday: 5.63, 8.52
Thursday: 10.74
Friday: 8.69
Saturday: 10.08, 8.25
Sunday: 5.77, 5.34
Average pace: 8:09

It took 11 runs but I managed to set a new weekly high with 82.7 miles. My previous weekly high (81) took me just 9 runs and at a faster pace (7:49). I’m a little tired but overall I held up pretty good.

I have 4 more weeks until I need to taper so I want to see if I can keep the mileage around 70. I don’t see a problem with using doubles to get to this high mileage. The point is to run when feeling fatigue and I did plenty of that this week so a 6 and 8 mile run in the same day is just as good as a single run of 12-13. I just need to run a little faster on that second run.

My plan this week, outside of getting 70 miles, is to pick up the pace a little. Last week I only had 3 runs under an 8:00 pace and 3 over an 8:15 pace. If I can get 70 miles at an 8:00 pace I will be pretty happy with the week.

5 weeks until WPB
10 weeks until Disney

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