Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekly Summary 11/8/2009

Weekly total: 64.6
Monday: 8.6
Tuesday: 10.59
Wednesday: 8.03
Thursday: 8.32
Friday: 8.5
Saturday: 9.02, 5.39
Sunday: 6.1
Average pace: 7:52

I fell a little short of the 70 miles that I wanted to run but overall it was a productive week. I managed to get a couple of solid medium runs in but only one of 10+ miles. My legs were feeling pretty stiff and tired this week but part of the reason for that was breaking in new shoes. The inserts were making the shoes stiff and that was causing some strain on my calves. After putting the original inserts back in the shoes were much better but it took a few runs to work the stiffness out.

My plan for this week is to shoot for 70 again and if I feel good maybe stretch it to 80 but really anything 65+ will be a good week. I don’t want to push myself into an injury.

4 weeks until WPB
9 weeks until Disney

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