Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekly Summary 11/15/2009

Weekly total: 63.1
Monday: 8.06
Tuesday: 8.63
Wednesday: 9.1
Thursday: 10.14
Friday: 8.35
Saturday: 8.51
Sunday: 10.29
Average pace: 7:51

Overall it was a pretty good training week. I was never able to fit in a double and missed my 70 mile goal but I still had a week’s worth of solid runs all with a pace at or under 8:00. My ankles and lower calves are a little sore (more stiff than sore) but other than that I’m pain free.

My plan this week is more of the same, run every day with each run at least 8 miles. I would like to get in a longer run of at least 12 miles. It’s been a while since I’ve had a run of over 11 miles.

Currently, I’m on pace for a 270+ month which would easily beat my current highest (258). My current 25 day streak should continue to 53 before I take a couple of days off before my next race.

3 weeks until WPB
8 weeks until Disney