Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Weekly Summary 11/22/2009

Weekly total: 71.7
Monday: 7.6
Tuesday: 12.4
Wednesday: 8.54
Thursday: 10.1
Friday: 8.17
Saturday: 8.44, 6.35
Sunday: 10.1
Average pace: 7:53

Overall another productive week. This was my 3rd highest weekly mileage and is keeping me on pace for a record month. Even though I’ve really picked up the training lately, my body has held up surprisingly well. I’m a little stiff after sitting around for a while but once I get moving I feel pretty good.

I have a lot of things getting in the way of a good training week this week. Ron and I are hosting Thanksgiving this year so if I want to run on Thursday then I’ll have to do it early in the morning which means no long run on Wednesday night. We are also spending the weekend in Ft Lauderdale (leaving Friday morning) so that means another early run on Friday morning. Saturday and Sunday will probably be treadmill runs at the hotel (which is never good) so I’ll probably be lucky to get in 50-55 miles this week.

2 weeks until WBP
7 weeks until Disney

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