Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekly Summary 11/29/2009

Weekly total: 55.4
Monday: 6.28
Tuesday: 10.33
Wednesday: 10.14
Friday: 10.11
Saturday: 8.45
Sunday: 10.14
Average pace: 7:48

I decided not to run on Thanksgiving and my 35 day streak came to an end. It was going to end the following week anyway and I just couldn’t bring myself to run in the cold rain at 5am.

Besides losing the streak I had a pretty productive training week. I had four 10+ mile runs and every run was sub 8:00 and health wise I feel really good. This month’s miles have already surpassed my previous month high so today’s run will only add to that. November should end up around 274 which should stay unchallenged until March.

I’m still approaching Sunday’s marathon as a training run although the weather looks like it may be pretty good. I’d like to get 3-4 training runs in this week with nothing after Thursday and all at a slower pace than I have been running. If the coming cold front hits a day or two later and Sundays temps are in the 40’s I may attempt a PR otherwise I’ll back off and hope that Disney has good marathon weather this time.

1 week until WPB
6 weeks until Disney