Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekly Summary 12/13/2009

Weekly total: 50.5
Tuesday: 5.05
Wednesday: 8.58
Thursday: 8.25
Friday: 9.17
Saturday: 10.59
Sunday: 8.85
Average pace: 7:59

I was surprised at how fast I bounced back after last Sunday’s marathon. I was still a little stiff and sore on Monday so I took that day off. Tuesday I felt better but I didn’t want to push it and the rest of the week was like a normal training week.

Since I have 3 training weeks left before Disney, I would like to get in a couple of 60+ over the next 2 weeks, taper down to 50 on the third week and rest most of the week before the marathon. I really feel that I’m in the best running shape right now and there is a probably a fine line between going too easy and losing some of that or going to hard and hurting myself.

4 weeks until Disney