Monday, December 28, 2009

Weekly Summary 12/27/2009

Weekly total: 50.2
Monday: 6.15
Tuesday: 8.33
Wednesday: 8.47
Thursday: 7.54
Saturday: 10.33
Sunday: 9.39
Average pace: 7:42

Before the week started I was entertaining the thought of reaching 2500 miles for the year. That would be 100 miles in 11 days. Certainly doable but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to push myself that much and since Christmas fell in that time period I would have to get a decent run in that day or really make the task difficult. Mondays run of 6.15 sealed the deal. I was feeling run down and my right knee was a little sore so I decided not to push it. I will most likely end the year with just over 2480 miles certainly nothing to be ashamed of and well over my 2200 from last year.

Most of the week I was feeling pretty rundown even a day off didn’t seem to help much. My right knee wasn’t as sore as it was stiff and fatigued. My hamstrings were also much tighter than usual. After 2-3 miles into a run I would start feeling better but my knee is still an ongoing issue and it forced me to end a couple of runs early because I didn’t want to end up hurting it more.

Two weeks before my next marathon I feel pretty good (or at least confident). I don’t have a specific training plan for the week. I do want to run every day and get in as many miles as I can without pushing too much. I would like to keep the pace under 8 (if possible) and any longer runs no more than 9. The big thing this week is to not over do it.

2 weeks until Disney

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