Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekly Summary 2/28/2010

Weekly total: 45.7
Tuesday: 8.63
Wednesday: 8.35
Thursday: 8.58
Saturday: 3.5
Sunday: 13.1, 3.5
Average pace: 7:57

A pretty good training week for being a race week. I finally started to get into a rhythm with my Tues-Thurs runs. If only this could have happened a couple weeks ago my race on Sunday might have been better. I have a few races on my calendar between now and Boston but my focus now needs to be getting ready for Boston. If these races are going to have a negative impact on my training then I need to skip them. There is a 5k race on Saturday which I don’t expect to be ready for so I’ll probably pass on that.

I don’t have any training plan this week. Mon-Wed are going to tough to get in a run so that leaves Thurs-Sun which is probably a good thing since my knee is bothering me a little. My focus for the next 6 weeks is trying to run every day with the exception of a day off before a race.

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