Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekly Summary 3/14/2010

Weekly total: 24.0
Tuesday: 7.53
Thursday: 6.23
Sunday: 10.2
Average pace: 7:52

Those nagging injuries finally built up to a point where I needed to take some time off. I had a pretty good run on Tuesday but my next run on Thursday was a real struggle and my legs were to tight a sore after that I decided that taking a couple of days off was better than trying to run through it. By Friday I also accepted the fact that racing on Sunday was not a good idea.

My plan on Sundays run was to just go slow and see how long I could keep it going. I was actually shocked that I made it 10 miles. I was pushing it a little at the end but I felt fine after the run (after icing down the knee) and on Monday morning my legs feel pretty good. I may have been running a little too hard so my plan for the next few weeks is to just work on slow long runs. I have 4 training weeks until Boston if I can keep myself from pushing the pace too hard I should be able to manage 50-60 mile weeks.

5 weeks until Boston

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