Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekly Summary 4/11/2010

Weekly total: 21.3
Tuesday: 5.2
Wednesday: 4.37
Thursday: 5.28
Saturday: 6.41
Average pace: 8:06

Limping into another marathon. I finally hit a point this week where I felt that any more running before the race would be counterproductive. My knee feels ok while running but it’s so sore afterwards that I find myself limping for hours after the run. I just need to stop running and let whatever is wrong a chance to heal. This knee pain seems to be different than my past runners knee pains though. I’ve looked at a few articles that might suggest this is the result of a tight IT band and I’m just feeling it just below my knee.

My plan this week is to stretch every day and either walk or ride the stationary bike to keep things loose and at least maintain a little fitness.

1 week until Boston

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