Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I run alone

I am one of those people that likes to run alone. It’s my escape from the rest of the day where I can be alone with my thoughts. It allows me to run when I want, where I want and at what pace I want to run.

I am fairly self motivated and do not need someone else pushing me to run that day or to run father or harder.

But by not having running partners I miss out on the opportunity to talk about my training runs, my goals, lessons learned, my excitement for upcoming races. I miss out on starting a race with people I know or talking about details during the race with someone who shared the same or similar experience.

My partner, who does not run, will listen when I ramble on about a great race. But it’s really just a one-way conversation about something that I know he would have no interest in if it wasn’t for me talking.

I have realized that if I’m ever going to have an outlet then it will be online. I haven’t found much at this point outside of blogs like this where one person is sharing their thoughts. Ideally I would like to find an active message board with local competitive runners. If this doesn’t exist then maybe I need to be the one to get a site up and running.

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