Friday, February 8, 2008

Pre race training dilemma

I still struggle with how much training I should do the week before a race (half to full marathon). Prior to last month’s marathon, I ran a moderate 10.5 miles on Saturday (8 days before the race) and an easy 7 miles on Tuesday. That left 4 days off before the race. By race day my legs felt great and I had a great run.

This week I tried running a little harder mostly because I am only running a half but also I wanted to try a different approach.
Last Saturday I ran 12.5 miles (5 easy, 7.5 at race pace).
Monday I ran 4.5 miles most of it near 5k pace.
Tuesday I intended to take it easy but that turned into an 8 mile run (last 5 at race pace)
Thursday I ran an easy 5. I was still feeling the effects of Tuesdays run though.

I have two full days of rest before Sunday’s race so I will see then if my hard running was a good thing or bad.

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