Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekly summary 3/29/2009

Weekly Total 81.0
Monday 7.05
Tuesday 10.38
Wednesday 5.87, 7.75
Thursday 11.68
Friday 5.68
Saturday 8.76, 7.62
Sunday 16.16
Average pace 7:49

I topped 80 miles for the first time. By Saturday I was starting to get a little tired but overall I felt great. On Sunday's long run I even managed a sub 8:00 pace.

My heel and hamstrings are a little sore this morning (Monday) but I should be ready to go for another big week this week. My plan is to keep the mileage somewhere in the 60-65 mile range and not run any doubles. This means that 4-5 runs will have to be over 10 miles. I need to start tapering next week so this will be my last big week.

3 weeks until Boston

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