Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekly summary 4/5/2009

Week total 56.7
Tuesday 12.27
Wednesday 10.44
Thursday 10.18
Friday 6.06
Saturday 11.37
Sunday 6.33
Average pace 7:53

I was still feeling the effects from last week’s 81 miles. I took Monday off because I had to work late so Tues-Wed weren’t that bad. Thursday was a struggle and by Sunday’s run I had nothing left. My heel was a little sore all week but after Saturdays run it was stiff and tender the rest of the weekend.

My plan this week is to pull back on the miles and work a couple medium runs in. The Seminole Stampede 5k is on Saturday. I didn’t plan on running it this year but if I feel good after Thursday’s run, I’ll take Friday off and race. This may not be a bad plan because it will force me to keep my mileage down this week.

Boston weather report: The Rays open the season in Boston today. Forecast is cold and rainy.

2 weeks until Boston

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