Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekly Summary 8/8/2010

The vacation shortened weeks are over and now it’s time to get back to some serious training. Although I did manage to get my miles into the mid 50s this week, I need to get back into the 60-70 range for the next 6 weeks.

I’ve done a good job at avoiding the aches and pains but overcoming the overall fatigue has been a real struggle this week. Right now, I’m going with the assumption that I need more sleep. I have been getting around 7 hours but it should probably be closer to 8.5. I have cut back on eating and in the process lost 5lbs so I the extra sleep doesn’t give me more energy I may need to start eating a little more. Currently my morning weight is at 161. I would still like to lose a few more pounds but that’s only if it doesn’t come with negative consequences.

For this week I really need to get some long runs in (none last week). If I can get the week miles to 65 with at least 3 long runs, I’ll call it a success.

9 weeks until Chicago

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